Who we are:
Iranian STudent Association at University of California San Diego is a non-profit student organization and independent of any political or religious beliefs and/or organizations. Iranian STudent Association seeks high goals and ever since it was founded, its members have been working hard and with dedication to accomplish these goals. ISTA has been a leader among other active Persian groups and organization in San Diego and has managed to create a professional and cultural network with other groups with similar interests and goal. ISTA takes pride in the quality of the work and events which it offers. ISTA welcomes all offers for collaboration with other organizations or groups. ISTA board members hope that all their efforts will bring more success and prosperity for Iranian and Iranian-American Community.

Become a member:
We welcome all students including undergraduates and graduates to be members of our organization to share their talents and ideas. We are looking for highly motivated individuals who are committed to contribute to who we are. Also, Being a member is a great way to connect with other students. Every quarter, we will analyze whether or not previous board members are going to be leaving and how many people we will need to replace. According to that, we can then vote within the board members and see which one of our regular members has been working hard and is interested in becoming a member. Once we decide on the candidates, we can set up interviews and have them fill out an application (including previous experience and what they are currently up to) to make a final decision.


  • Members are required to attend the meetings once a month.
  • They can share their ideas and opinions and we will consider it.
  • They are required to be available and help out in various events.
  • Motivated and eager individuals who are hungry for a change.
  • Willing to help out and take initiatives.

If you think you can meet the criteria above and want to be a future board member, please make sure to check the box in the form below.

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