10353254_402878779860069_8031148243702489869_o Iranian STudent Association at University of California San Diego is a non-profit student organization and independent of any political or religious beliefs and/or organizations. Iranian STudent Association seeks high goals and ever since it was founded, its members have been working hard and with dedication to accomplish these goals. ISTA has been a leader among other active Persian groups and organization in San Diego and has managed to create a professional and cultural network with other groups with similar interests and goal. ISTA takes pride in the quality of the work and events which it offers. ISTA welcomes all offers for collaboration with other organizations or groups. ISTA board members hope that all their efforts will bring more success and prosperity for Iranian and Iranian-American Community.

Increasing the general public awareness regarding Iran and historical and social issues affecting the Iranian and Iranian-American community.Some of CISTA’s high goals:

  • Promoting Iranian/Iranian-American community and culture.
  • Fostering friendship among different cultural groups and providing a source of unity and support for Iranian community at UCSD.
  • Encouraging greater Iranian representation and involvement in non-Iranian communities.
  • Helping new Iranian students at UCSD to settle.
  • Creating a transition for Iranian graduates toward becoming a workforce.
  • Promoting young Iranian musicians

To contact ISTA or to be added to ISTA’s mailing-list in order to receive regular updates on ISTA’s events or other related Iranian/Iranian-American events, please contact us at ista@ucsd.edu.